About Us

GREENKINGS are the uPVC manufacturing unit at Pollachi also have branch office at branch office at Palakkad in Kerala, And deals with two prominant uPVC profile manufactures named 'Lesso and Kinbon'. Our uPVC Windows are created with consideration on evocativeness and functionality. Our customers get a better quality of life because of the energy-saving and sound proofing by uPVC windows; while its user-friendly design presents the customers with an emotional satisfaction, which is the heart of our uPVC Windows.

Our uPVC Windows and uPVC Doors are manufactured with state of the art technology to meet the highest quality standards. So, you are sure to get a number of unmatched benefits with them. For example, our uPVC Windows and uPVC Doors are termite proof, low maintenance, sound proof, and water and UV resistant. They also offer excellent thermal insulation, so you need to use air conditioners and heaters less, allowing you to save on energy bills. With this list of advantages, our uPVC Windows and uPVC Doors are indeed the best option for your home and office.

uPVC window and door is the forth generation after the wood, steel, aluminium materials. uPVC window and door is better for heating insulation than wood windows, special for wet, resistance for insect, and flame ability.